Tiffany, the owner of Help My Cat.Hello readers,

My name is Tiffany and welcome to ! Please, take a look around, you will be surprised what weird little tricks you will pick up.

So who am I? Firstly, I am a mother (to humans as well as cats) and also a newly minted blogger! I’m currently living south of Bangor in Maine with my husband and three children (ages 4, 7 and 12). Currently I am blessed with four companions. They are all rescue animals and so can be a little eccentric at times! They are all adorable in their own way.

  • Chotchke, who is a tabby. A bit of an elderly statesman. Doesn’t mind company so long as don’t make to much noise.
  • Seamus, who us magnetically attracted to any lap but will always need you to pick him up.
  • Claw, a Persian, who is very active. She was named by my young son and thankfully the name isn’t descriptive any more!
  • Our newest, Fletch, who is a shorthair, is still rather skittish but is still warming up to us.

As you may have figured out, I am a bit of a cat person. Cats have been a constant companion to me all my life. Ever since I was a small child I’ve almost always have had one under foot. I think the greatest number of cats I have ever had at once is six. That was a bit to much to handle, even for me! Thankfully two of them I was looking after for someone else, so it was only short term.

Just like with my children, no matter how much I love them they can still be a trial and a challenge! Remember that this isn’t the cats fault, they are just following their nature. Most of my cat companions are rescued animals. They have all had horrible pasts, where they have been mishandled, mistreated or outright abused. Whenever I have been at a low point in my life my cats have always been there for me. It is only fair that I help them out when they are having problems.

As I’ve grown older and wiser I’ve learnt a lot about my furry little friends. Many times have people come to me and asked for guidance and suggestions about how to deal with their cat problems. My friends often call me the ‘cat whisperer’!

I was out for coffee with a friend one day, talking about her cat, Peter. She exclaimed to me, “Tiffany, no matter what problem i have with my little Pete, you always seem to have the right answer! You could write the book on fixing cat problems!” I laughed it off but it got me thinking. It is my personal philosophy, that if it is in our power to help others then that is what we should do.

So I’ve decided to put my hard learnt lessons up on this website. Everything I have written comes from my own personal experience. I hope that you will find the information that you need.