We all love our cats, so much so that they are treated as a part of the family. However when cat behavior problems arise your little darling can turn into a little monster! You might be playing with them, rubbing their belly, scratching then behind the ear. Then all of a sudden, out come the claws and teeth! I’ve been swatted in the face with a claw on more than one occasion and it isn’t very pleasant. Maybe your cat behavior problems are a little more concealed. A discrete poop behind the curtain, or spraying on the wall? Whatever problems your cat has developed it can be tragic for an owner who wants a companion but now has a little beast. Thankfully most cat behaviour problems have a solution.

Kittens Can Be a Hidden Terror

I tend to take in rescue animals rather than buying from a breeder. There are so many animals that go without owners and need shelter and love. There is a key period in a kitten’s life, between the ages of 2 – 7 weeks, which is critical to health mental development. If an owner neglects this it can lead to many problems down the track. It can be easy to forget that they haven’t had a very good life.

One particular cat I picked out because he seemed calm, if somewhat dopey. I thought he would be a good fit for the household at the time. Little did I realise that he would end up terrorising my other cats but also my children. He was worse than a moody teenager! It was a long hard road to get him back to the calm and adorable cat I had first seen.

Cat Behavior Problems Aren’t Straightforward

The first thing you need to realise is that when it comes to cat behavior problems you can’t make assumptions. It is hard to know what is going through a cat’s head and it isn’t like they can talk! Often an owner will leap to a conclusion about the cause and will end up not solving the actual problem. More often than not it will just make it worse.

Aggressive cat behavior problems are some of the worst. Nobody likes being bitten or scratched, especially by their beloved pet. Sometimes this is just playing aggressively, just an over enthusiastic love bite. It could also be due to irritation and annoyance. In other words it is trying to say “please don’t scratch that way”.

Is Your Cat Drawing Blood?

If your cat draws blood with its bite or scratch then this is something that you need to stop. If the cat is still young you might be able to train it away from the more feral cat behavior problems. Teach it that you are not a plaything. Show that you dislike the cat’s aggressive behavior by blowing on its face. Then redirect the behavior to a soft toy so it learns what it can play with. Reward the cat with treats to reinforce any good behaviour. If this is a recurring cat behavioral problem then it could be due to a medical issue. A trip to the vet might be in order.

Cat Is Using the House as a Litter Box

As nasty as a cat bite might be, it is nothing compared to the lasting smell and stains of cat behavior problems with pooping. The number of times that I have smelt the faint smell of cat poop and started a ‘treasure hunt’ in order to track down the offending material…

As with cat biting problems, this could be a cat behavioral issue, a medical issue or an emotional one. There are a variety of measures that you can take to keep the poop in the litterbox and not around your home.

  1. Sort out problems with the litterbox
  2. Tell the cat where not to poop
  3. Fix your cats medical problems

I will go into each in depth.

See What’s Wrong With Your Litter Box

Examine the litterbox you have set up. Is it always available? Is it cleaned regularly? Cats can be a bit fussy, so make sure the cat uses the litterbox by making it a little more pleasant. It could be as simple as changing it’s position in your house – try a spot that is a little more concealed, perhaps. Next time you buy kitty litter try a different brand.

Stop Cats From Pooping Anywhere

One thing you must do is reinforce where your problem pooper can’t poop. You see, if the cat goes to the toilet in the wrong place then its smell will linger. Remember that cats have a better nose than you do so even if you clean it, the cat could still smell it. This is where a herbal deterrent will come in handy. Just apply it to the cat’s favourite forbidden poop spots and the cat will get the message. You could try a little carrot with your stick – you can buy cat pheromones to place in the litterbox to encourage the cat to poop in the right place.

Eliminate Cat Spray

If you are having cat urine problems then these tactics might also work for you. If you have an issue with problem cat spraying then you will have to change tact. Spraying is a cats territorial behavior you see. It is different to urination, which you can tell by the volume and the smell. It will mark doorways, walls and curtains to make the area smell like itself. This can be a particularly common problem if you have as many cats as me.

Is Your Cat Sick?

The cause is either due to a feeling of stress or it could be medical related. A third of cats that spray suffer from cystitis, according to Secrets of Cats. So, book a trip to your vet as soon as you can.

Removing the Causes of Feline Stress

If that isn’t the root cause then check to see any changes in the cat’s environment that might be causing it stress. This could be new pets or people in the household. It could also be a change in the neighbourhood. It’s hard to identify but you need to get into your cat’s head and show them that there is nothing to worry about. For example, if you have someone move in, play with the cat together to reinforce your joint relationship. Demonstrate that the new person isn’t a threat to the relationship between you and your pet.

Fixing All Cat Behavior Problems for Good

The truth is that there are many ways in which your might misbehave. As an owner it can be hard to know what is going wrong and what you can do about it. I haven’t even covered:

  • Cats clawing furniture
  • Cats jumping on tables
  • Not using the litter box
  • Cats being overly active at night
  • Female cats yowling

If you are having problems with these then there are some great resources on Secrets of Cats that are guaranteed be able to help you. These can be really tricky problems and are more complicated than what I can cover in a single article. Secrets of cats has a money back guarantee, for 60 days. So there is no risk and no reason to not check it out now!

We forget that our little angels are still very much animals at heart. It is part of why we love them but can lead them to terrorize us if things go wrong. Hopefully with my advice you can bring peace back to your household and get past any cat behaviour problems you might be suffering