For me this is one of the most frustrating problems: your cat spraying around the house. Even though I know they don’t mean anything by it sometimes it is hard to not take personally. It almost feels like they are passive aggressively taking out some slight against you. You come home and you can smell it has happened again. Your cat trots out, meows, looking innocently as if to say “Me? I wouldn’t do that.” Despite how it might make you feel, there are some well known causes for cat spraying and thankfully some well known way to stop a cat from spraying. I have encountered this problem time and time again so trust me that there are some guaranteed solutions.

Spraying is just a small act but can end up ruining your relationship with your pet and even your home. One of my very best friends, who unfortunately doesn’t listen to advice, had a relationship ruined because of a male cat spraying. It came down to him or the cat! In that case it was the smell that got to him. It is understandable, you see, the cat spraying smell is amongst the strongest and most pungent. There is a good scientific reason for this, which I will explain further on in the article (as well as the science that will help stop cat spraying). It has a tenancy to stick in your nose for hours after smelling it, though that might just be in my head. There is nothing your pet can do that more foul.

Why Is My Cat Spraying?

Trust me, it isn’t the cat taking some slight against you! Don’t leap to conclusions. Surprisingly to many, even neutered cat spraying is a common issue! Also a lot of owners I have talked to jump to the assumption that it is just a cat marking it’s territory. While that is one cause, it isn’t the only one. If you don’t analyze the cause correctly then you will not be able to eliminate cat spray in your home. This behavior could be due to one of three causes.

  • Territory marking
  • Medical issues
  • Stress or trauma

Is Your Cat Being Territorial?

You see, cats are a territorial animal. The reason why cat spray is so pungent is because it allows other cats to smell the mark so they know that they are entering another cats domain. This is why cat spraying is normally performed on vertical surfaces and entry ways. To us humans it is just a disgusting smell. This is a very tricky problem when you are dealing with two or more cats. Groups of cats don’t always have a single alpha cat. Typically the alpha role is specific to different cats for different areas or rooms of the house. One cat might be master of the bedroom, another might consider itself master of the couch. Introducing a new cat can very easily upset the current balance if the doesn’t accept the current order. In this case, spraying will be the either the new cat or the current cats trying to re-establish what they consider to be their own domain. Territorial cat spraying isn’t just for the boys cats. Female cat spraying is the same as male cat spraying. Lady cats can be just as foul!

The Top Medical Causes for Cat Spraying

It might be weird to think that cat spraying problems can be caused by illness – you or I don’t decide to pee on the wall when we get sick, why would a cat? But according to medical experts, this is a very common reason for spraying. So what kinds of things could be wrong?

  • Cat bladder infection
  • FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease)
  • Cat Incontinence (typically a cause of old cat spraying)
  • Kidney problems
  • Liver disease
  • Diabetes

You see, it is quite a list! I am not going to play doctor here and give you medical advice. If you notice poor appetite, weight loss or if your cats coat has lost its gloss, then you could have a medical emergency. Organize a trip to your vet and get it checked out.

Hidden causes of cat stress

It is little known that cats are a social animal – they need company as much as we do. They aren’t social in the same way, however. They form very few bonds but they are very strong. While this mean cats can be very affectionate it can also make them precious should something change in their environment. Have a think about what has changed in the recent past that could lead to your cat being stressed. New person? New people? What about in the greater neighborhood? If there has been some hidden elements introduced into your cats world the they will compensate by making their own home more comfortable. The more their environment smells like them then the happier they are. As gross as it might sound, they do this through spraying.

You might have read this far and think you understand the cause for your cat spraying. Think again! Taking action without every bit of knowledge can lead to making the problem worse or even cause other issue to arise. If you love your cat and want to get your home back to the sweet smelling place it was before, don’t rush into it. Learn the techniques and tricks that the experts use. If you want to learn how to get a cat to stop spraying TODAY, then I suggest you take a look at Cat Spraying No More for an instant solution to your cat spraying problems. It is a complete guide to everything you need to know about cat spraying solutions and in fact anything else that might be going wrong with your cat. It is such a good deal, so you better hurry, in case they decide to raise the price. Don’t worry, it is risk free as it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. Go order it now! (Then come back and read the rest of my article!)

My Personal Trick to Cleaning up Cat Spray

Cleaning up after a mess is harder then you think. Cat spray is actually designed to be difficult to clean. It needs more then warm water and a cloth. You need to mop up as much fluid as you can first. Then mix up some vinegar with water and put it into a spray bottle (I use an old bottle that used to have cleaning product in it). Mist and wipe until you think it is clean, then do it a little more, just to be sure.

That might seem straightforward but getting rid of cat spray is only dealing with the visible symptoms. If your cat isn’t using the litter box like it should then you will have another problem quietly growing in your house.

Imagine if it was a person that was peeing on your walls. Not exactly sanitary, huh? When your cat is spraying it is turning your house into a breeding ground for all kinds of nasty things. I am not exactly the tidiest of people, my excuse is the fact that I have seven children (four being cats). As any parent knows, it is impossible to keep the floor 100% clear of toys. So when the cat decides that your child’s play area is the perfect place to leave it’s spray then you have more then a car spraying problem, you have a health crisis.

Bacteria aside, cat urine is full of ammonia. Breathing this in isn’t exactly the best for you! Not only can enough aggravate any medical conditions it can also effect peoples moods. So if a family members asthma is aggravated or if they seem irritable then you should really get onto the problem.

Don’t put up with cat spray

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A home smelling of cat pee is disgusting not to mention embarrassing. You don’t have to live in that state if you take action and stop your male or female cat spraying today!

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