Is your cat a biter? Do your ankles get ambushed? Are you happy with putting up with that kind of antisocial behavior? I wouldn’t put up with any of my children behaving in that manner and I don’t accept it in my cats! Neither should you.

While the cat may not intend to be mean or aggressive it doesn’t make the cat pleasant to be around at all. It is like some angry wild animal has found its way in. One that could be lurking around any corner, ready to pounce.

Cat biting could even lead to infections. Most cat bites infections are sustained when owners handle animals. Even a small puncture can lead to you or your family being infected.

Has Your Pet Is Displayed Any of the Following Aggressive Behaviors?

  • Grappling with claws
  • Kicking
  • Ambushing, such as pouncing on feet or ankles
  • Overly aggressive personal assistant
  • Growling, hissing, or spitting at people
  • Lashing out at hands, fingers or even your face?

Cat Biting Solutions

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She is the real expert when it comes to cat biting but here are some of my own tips and tricks. First you have to work out why a cat is biting you. Cats are no simpler than people so don’t think that it is just a case of a ‘bad cat’.

Here Are the Main Causes for Why Your Cat Is Biting You

Past trauma. It sounds horrible but some people get pets without ever intending to look after them. They mistreated the cat or kitten and don’t offer it the love and attention that it deserves. Just like with rising children, this leads to an ill raised cat. Imagine that your cat is a human child that has been tormented or beaten and consider how it might behave when it grows to adulthood. When a cat gets bad enough the behaviors that it has developed will eventually lead to the cat being given away or abandoned. There is nothing more heartbreaking than having to give up on your own pet. If the past mistreatment involves physical abuse then this could be the reason why your cat is biting you.

Play training. The first ten weeks are critical in a kitten’s development. This is when they develop their social skill by playing with their siblings. In particular this is when they personal assistant fight and learn how to not hurt each other. Watching this happen is really cute but it reminds you that your little kitten is a hunter. Those claws and teeth are there for a reason! This personal assistant isn’t just for fun, it is a kitten learning to be a predator. If a kitten lacks this training, normally due to being removed from it’s siblings, then don’t learn to restrain themselves properly as an adult.

So How to Stop a Cat From Biting?

Here are some tips I’ve developed. If the cat biting is reasonably soft then it is probably just playing, although playing badly.

First you need to stop encouraging any bad behavior of this kind. If a cat is biting me I make sure not to react in a way that give positive reinforcement. Don’t pick the cat up and remove it from the room – this is a common mistake. The physical contact will be interpreted as positive reinforcement.

The same goes for feeding it. Wait at least half an hour before filling its bowl. Instead what you should do is let it know that it’s bad behavior isn’t welcome. Then leave the room and close the for so it doesn’t follow you. Give it some time to calm down and process what happened. Eventually it will learn that its aggressive biting isn’t desired and will stop.

Another trick to stop a cat from biting is to redirect and aggressive tendencies. If your cat is biting people then give it something else to chew on. Have a toy ready so when it bites, substitute your bitten hand for the toy. Make sure that this isn’t mistakenly interpreted as a reward for biting you by crying out or withdrawing your hand sharply first. This teaches it that it is fine to play but not with people’s fingers or ankles.

A big no-no is to respond physically yourself. You might be tempted to hit the cat in response but this will only result in the cat trying to protect itself. I shouldn’t need to say this but it will only make the problem worse.

Severe Cat Biting

If the cat biting problem is something more dramatic then you will be able to notice. This situation is not a good one to be in. If you don’t handle it right can lead to your cat cutting itself from everyone. The rest of your family will become embittered towards it. All this will make the cats biting behavior worse and you may have to end up giving it away.

Ask yourself how it behaves. Does it ignore or react violently to your affection? Is the cat biting painful or draws blood? When the cat bites you take notice of how it acted beforehand. Before the cat bites it will adopt a particular position. It will crouch, with its ears laid back and tail curled. It will hiss and lash out at anything that comes near. If you see this behavior you need to retrain it as soon as you can. Get it used to being touched and having to deal with noisy children or other pets. This needs to happen when it is in a nice calm state, not when it is tense and ready to pounce.

Despite what some think, cats are a social animal. It needs physical contact just like you or I. Cats naturally form strong bonds with several others and you need to show it that it is safe to develop these bonds. From what I’ve found this training is best done when the cat is a kitten and still open to learning. If you have an aggressive adult cat it will be a much harder journey.

But you know what? A lifetime of companionship is worth it.

There are many more ways in which your cat might misbehave.

  • Clawing furniture
  • Spraying
  • Jumping on tables
  • Not using the litter box

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It covers far more than cat biting – it really is a good resource for any issue you might have with your cat. You need to get the best information from a professional, otherwise your biting cat will make your home a battleground.

With all this information I hope you manage to tame your little hunter. Just remember that just because you can’t communicate with words it doesn’t mean you can’t communicate with actions.

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