How Long Can A Cat Go Without Eating?

If there is access to water, the typical cat can potentially go without food for one to two weeks. Even if they have adequate water, without protein, it could only be three to four days. A cat wouldn’t likely last more than three days without food or water.

Similarly, What happens if cats don’t eat for 4 days?

If a cat doesn’t eat, its organs shut down extremely rapidly. Their livers are not designed to maintain their bodies for a lengthy time when living only off of their body’s energy reserves, unlike those of dogs and humans. Even if they are hydrated, cats can succumb to protein deficiency within three to four days.

Also, it is asked, How long can a sick cat go without eating?

Healthy cats can go three days without water and roughly a week without food. However, since a sick cat already has a compromised physique, hunger and dehydration will exacerbate the negative consequences. More than 48 hours without food and 24 hours without water is not recommended for a sick cat.

Secondly, Is it OK for a cat to not eat for 24 hours?

It is advised to get your cat examined by a veterinarian if it stops eating for 24-36 hours for no obvious cause, even when it is drinking water normally. If a cat is entirely or partly anorectic for a few days or weeks, serious and even life-threatening issues may arise.

Also, What can I feed a sick cat that won’t eat?

We must begin force feeding a cat if it goes for 24 to 72 hours without eating. You’ll need to either buy human baby food from the grocery store or turn cat chow into gruel to do this. Choose a meat-based kind (such as chicken or turkey) and check the ingredient list to make sure garlic isn’t there.

People also ask, Will a cat starve itself if it doesn’t like its food?

If their food does not appeal to them, cats will eventually starve themselves. If a cat is not receiving the proper ratio of taste, vitamins, and minerals required to produce enough energy, it will not eat. Within 48 hours, cats must feed again or their energy stores will be exhausted.

Related Questions and Answers

What happens right before a cat dies?

When a cat is dying, it may become more reclusive and irritable, exhibit unprovoked aggressiveness more often, have a change in appetite, and spend more time hiding or becoming clinging out of fear. Other symptoms include untidy look, low body temperatures, heavy breathing, and convulsions.

Why would a cat stop eating?

Infections, renal failure, pancreatitis, digestive issues, and cancer are just a few of the potential causes. However, it isn’t necessarily severe; even a toothache might cause your cat to stop eating.

Do cats purr when they are dying?

Purring has been demonstrated to strengthen the cat’s muscles and may even generate endorphins that assist her cope with any discomfort she is experiencing. While dying cats may purr to express their joy, they may also purr as a coping method.

Can a cat go 12 hours without food?

Cats need at least two meals each day, spaced around 12 hours apart. A timetable that includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, supper, and immediately before bed is also a fantastic choice. If you go more than 12 hours without eating, your stomach may become too acidic, which may make you feel sick.

What happens if a cat doesn’t eat for 3 days?

While they may go three days without drinking, cats can go roughly two weeks without eating. However, the longer your cat goes without sufficient nourishment, the weaker they become, so it’s crucial to call your veterinarian if you think they haven’t eaten in at least a day.

When should I take my cat to the vet for not eating?

When ought I to take my cat to the veterinarian? If your adult cat hasn’t fed in more than 24 hours, or only 12 hours for kittens less than 6 weeks old, you should take them to the doctor right away. If this happens, schedule a visit with your veterinarian.

Why is my cat not eating but drinking water?

Your cat may drink less water from their dish if you start feeding them canned food or other foods with a greater moisture content since they are receiving more water throughout mealtimes. There is no need for concern since this is very typical.

Is it OK to force feed a sick cat?

Never compel a cat to eat. Pushing food into a cat’s mouth with a syringe is stressful and poses a serious danger of serious medical issues. A cat may stop eating completely as a result (food aversion).

Why do cats stop eating when sick?

Your cat might be sick. Upper respiratory illnesses may also result in appetite reduction in adult cats, just as they do in kittens. Nose tumors or polyps may affect your cat’s sense of smell and appetite in addition to other nasal disorders. Additionally uncomfortable, tumors of the nose may prevent your cat from eating.

How do I tempt my cat to eat?

How to make a cat want to eat Make them ravenous. Modify the meal bowl. Do they eat with others or alone? Keep food aversion at bay. Switch to new diets gradually. Keep food fresh. Consider what your cat enjoys first. Add some yummy treats on top.

Do cats know you love them?

In actuality, domestic cats may see humans as their genuine parents and comprehend love just as any other animal does. According to a 2019 research, kittens behave in the same way toward humans as they do toward their biological parents.

What’s the average lifespan of a house cat?

Lifespan: 12 to 18 yearsCategory: (Domesticated)

Do cats sense death?

Actually, cats’ enhanced sense of smell plays a role in their capacity to detect death. According to a report in the New England Journal of Medicine, Oscar the cat would visit patients in a nursing home only hours before they died in order to “predict” when they would die.

Why has my cat not eaten all day?

You shouldn’t wait more than 24 hours to take your cat to the vet if it isn’t eating at all. However, if they exhibit further symptoms like vomiting, urinary issues, or an accelerated respiratory rate, it can be a medical emergency, in which case you should take them to the doctor right once.

Is my cat dying or just sick?

Count the beats per minute and feel your cat’s heartbeat to determine whether it is dying. Your cat may be on the verge of passing away if its heartbeat is much lower than the healthy range of 140 to 220 beats per minute. Watch your cat’s respiration as well and make an effort to determine how many breaths it takes each minute.

What are the symptoms of a cat dying of kidney failure?

Increased thirst, apathy, depression, listlessness, reddened eyes, skin issues, excessive or no urine production (depending on the disease’s stage), dehydration, pain, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, emaciation, bad breath, mouth ulcers, discolored tongue, muscle twitching, coma, and more are all indications of uremia.

Can a cat go 15 hours without food?

If there is access to water, the typical cat can potentially go without food for one to two weeks. Even if they have adequate water, without protein, it could only be three to four days.

How Long Can cats go without food and water while traveling?

Although a cat may last up to two weeks without food, they can only last three days without water.

Is it too soon to put my cat to sleep?

According to my observations, the majority of veterinarians tend to advise that it is preferable to put a pet to sleep a week early rather than an hour later. My own experience has mostly confirmed this position. My vet was on her way to my home to put my first cat, Feebee, to death when he passed away in my arms.

What is considered an emergency for a cat?

Any time your cat looks to be in excruciating agony, it’s a crisis. General discomfort, hiding, whimpering when touched or moved, being unable to walk or move, excessive panting in colder environments, and not bearing weight on a specific leg are all indications that your pet may be in serious pain.

Do cats lose their appetite as they get older?

“It’s common for cats to alter their appetites and feeding patterns as they age. Some cats stop craving the food they used to like, while others eat less often than they used to. However, it might be concerning when senior cats stop eating or stop eating well but lose weight.

How do I rehydrate my cat?

Every day, fill water bowls with new water and clean them out. Provide the cat with many places to sip clean water around your home. Give your cat some meat-flavored water from a reputable pet food retailer or an electrolyte supplement. To get them to drink, fill a cat fountain with fresh water.

What can I feed my elderly cat with no appetite?

Your veterinarian will undoubtedly go through the various treatment options with you and could even recommend vitamins and appetite stimulants to assist temporarily boost your pet’s appetite. Give your cat everything and everything to eat right now. Test out various flavored treats, wet and dry cat food, and even human foods like baby food.


Cats have a lot of ways to survive without food, but they need water. In the wild, cats can go up to a week without food. Cats that live indoors need to drink more often than those in the wild because they are exposed to less sunlight and it is harder for them to find prey.

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